HDFS Internship Program

Information on the Internship Program

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To whom it may concern:

This student has an interest in interning with your agency. In order to help with your decision on whether to accept this student as an intern, I will explain some requirements of the internship course. Additionally, I will share information on what previous site supervisors have arranged with their interns.

In order for our students to work with an agency an Instructional Agreement (contract) must be signed by the agency and the university representatives. I will mail this agreement for you to read and sign. If you have a contract that your agency uses then we can discuss our options in which contract to use for this student. After you have signed the contract, the dean of the school will sign and then I will send you a copy with completed signatures. We are required to have an updated copy of this Instructional Agreement, which is every 5 years. Therefore, if you have not had an HDF student intern OR have not worked with an HDF student in the past 5 years, then a new Instructional Agreement will need to be processed.

This internship course has an academic grade attached to it, which means our interns complete online assignments, participate in weekly journaling, attend scheduled class meetings, and complete an internship portfolio. In order to receive a final grade, interns are also evaluated by their site supervisor. The final evaluation would require you to evaluate the student on a 5-point scale AND to provide a suggested grade for the class. Therefore, as a supervisor it will be important for you to be familiar with the student’s progress throughout the internship. This evaluation is a confidential document that is sent directly to me.

Additionally, I will either schedule a site visit or a telephone conference during the middle of the semester. This time will allow me to become updated on the student’s progress and to address any changes that need to be made for the rest of the semester.

One item that interns need to complete at the beginning of their internship is developing their learning objectives. These objectives are the goals and strategies that they have set forth to achieve while on their internship. The objectives should encompass what the agency can provide and what the intern wants to experience, which is approved by the site supervisor.

Most site supervisors meet with their interns on a regular basis. These meetings help the student to have an opportunity to address topics or concerns (s)he may have. Other supervisors at least have informal meetings, where the intern and the supervisor are able to debrief after seeing a client or running a program. Both methods provide an outlet for the student to express any concerns or questions that arise.

With few exceptions, students will need to complete either 120 contact hours (3-semester hours) or 240 contact hours (6-semester hours) during the semester. Note that interns are required to complete at least 12 weeks during the semester (Fall & Spring semesters only). The student will be able to inform you of the semester (s)he is planning to do her/his internship.

I hope this information helps in understanding the expectations of the internship course. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. My contact information is below.


Joi W. Bulls

Joi W. Bulls, Ph.D.
Internship Director
248 Stone-HDFS
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
336.303.0433 (office)
jwbulls@uncg.edu (email)