HDFS Internship Program

Information on the Internship Program

Here are a few tips to find placements:

    • Identify area of specialization that you would like to experience. Consider the population, setting, and function.
    • Career Services Center (CSC) has a website dedicated to internships. They also have a database of possible internships, which can be found at the following link CSC.
    • Visit the Sample Placements page to see a list of agencies where interns have been accepted in previous semesters. This list gives you an idea of the possibilities but does not mean that you have to do your internship with these agencies. You must contact the agency to verify that they are still accepting interns. If there is an agency that is not listed, please provide the Internship Director with a contact person and phone number.
    • There is also a North Carolina Agency database that list social service agencies throughout the state of North Carolina. This website is NOT an internship database, rather it is a place to find potential agencies. Their website is http://www.nc211.org/.