HDFS Internship Program

Information on the Internship Program

Congratulations on finding a placement! Next, you will need to secure your internship placement. There are two items that need to be fulfilled.

Internship Application

To secure your placement complete the online Internship Application form by due date. See checklist for due dates. Once the internship has been confirmed, submit this application to the Internship Director. This form is confirming that you have secured an internship placement. This confirmation is needed to get your placement approved.  FYI, the process takes at least 3 weeks to get your placement approved. After completing this application, the Internship Director will confirm with your site supervisor that you have been accepted as an intern.

Orientation Meeting

You will need to attend the Orientation Meeting, which typically occurs on Reading Day the semester prior to your internship. This meeting is mandatory because you will receive important information in regards to your internship. You will recieve the following information:
  • HDF 499 Syllabus
  • Important Dates during your internship
  • An overview of internship requirements
  • Required forms to complete prior to starting internship